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Income tax receipts of Estonia's municipalities totaled EUR 983.8 mln in 2017

BC, Tallinn, 03.01.2018.Print version
Estonian municipalities, which under law are entitled to a portion equaling 11.6% of a person's income of the 20-percent income tax paid by their residents, received 983.8 million euros from the Tax and Customs Board under that item in 2017, 8.1% more than during the same period a year ago, informs LETA/BNS.

The sum total paid into the budgets of municipalities in December was 84.2 million euros, 9.3% more than in December 2016, it appears from figures available from the tax authority.

The city of Tallinn topped the list of recipients with 372.2 million euros, an amount 9% bigger than in 2016. The amount paid into the budget of the city of Tartu grew 6.4% to 69.3 million euros, the amount paid into the budget of Narva grew 5.8% to 25.7 million euros and the amount paid into the budget of Parnu increased 7.1% to 25.1 million euros.

Four rural municipalities registered a reduction in the payout compared with last year. The municipality of Mustjala on Saaremaa Island registered a decline by 3.2% to 370,300 euros, the municipality of Kopu by 2.6% to 398,200 euros, the island municipality of Vormsi by 0.6% to 354,900 euros and the municipality of Alajoe by 0.5% to 281,400 euros.

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