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EcoMin: LNG terminal should be Latvia's project

BC, Riga, 04.02.2014.Print version
The Baltic region's liquefied natural gas terminal should be a project of Latvia, Economy Minister Vjaceslavs Dombrovskis (Reform Party) points out in an interview with, informs LETA.

Incukalns underground gas storage facility. BC's photo.

Lithuania and Estonia already have major projects approved that have received or will receive funding during the European Union's next planning period (2014-2020). Investments into a large project in Latvia would only be logical, adds the minister.


Latvia has all the chances of building the terminal since the country has suitable infrastructure – ports, the Incukalns underground gas storage facility, and others. "This should be our project," emphasizes the minister.


Talks on construction of the terminal in Latvia have resumed recently, confirmed Dombrovskis.


As reported, Booz&Company, a consulting firm hired by the European Commission for the assessment of the best location for construction of the Baltic region's liquefied natural gas terminal after the Baltics were not able to agree amongst themselves, said in its final report that building the terminal in Estonia would achieve a number of advantages, adding that building the terminal in Finland would have similar advantages.


Both Finland and Estonia wanted the Commission to pick the location for construction of the terminal, but the Commission said that countries should reach a compromise themselves.

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