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Estonian national fish casts doubts over major wind energy park

BC, Tallinn, 30.07.2013.Print version
The Tartu University marine institute has to conduct study to ascertain how the state-owned energy giant Eesti Energia's planned Kihnu wind energy park, which will be located in the spawning area of Baltic herrings, would affect the behaviour of the fish, writes LETA/Eesti Päevaleht.

If Baltic herrings start fearing the wind energy generators, it might mean and end to fishing in not just the vicinity of the Kihnu island but in the whole Pärnu Bay.


Tartu University senior researcher Henn Ojaver said that Baltic herrings, like all herrings are very sensitive and scientists are studying how the vibration of the wind energy generators can affect their behaviour.


The study that costs nearly 100,000 euros, has to be completed by 2015 latest.

Eesti Energia is planning to erect nearly a hundred wind energy generators in the distance of around 10-12 km from the Southern coast of the Kihnu Island, in the depth of nearly 20 metres of water.


Last year, the Marine Institute's scientists started research commissioned by Eesti Energia to find out the effects of the wind energy generators on bird migration. That study has to be completed by the end of 2016. There is no certain timeframe when the wind energy generators will be built, as Eesti Energia has initially said it would happen after 2015 and last autumn said it won't happen before 2020.

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