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European industrialists: shale gas is opportunity for Lithuania

BC, Vilnius, 22.07.2013.Print version
President of BUSINESSEUROPE Emma Marcegaglia, who is on a visit to Lithuania, says that shale gas is an opportunity for Europe which seeks to compete with the USA, where extraction and use of shale gas is highly developed, informs LETA/ELTA. After the meeting with Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius she stressed that it is necessary to build a strong European industry, which would generate 20% of GDP.

Algirdas Butkevicius at the meeting with BUSINESSEUROPE representatives. Vilnius, 19.07.2013. Photo:

According to Marcegaglia, in Europe energy resource prices as well as the balance between the climate and energy price policy are important. For example, since 2005 energy prices have increased in Europe by 35%, while in the USA they have dropped by 4%.


President of BUSINESSEUROPE said that shale gas is an opportunity, although this question is sensitive, but it is important for Europe and Lithuania to become more independent.


According to her, Europe can build strong industry by energy policy different from the one of the USA, better financial access, having own raw material and investing European Union funds into research and transportation.


President of Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists Robertas Dargis stated that Europe must remain competitive in the global markets, especially as the Americans have their own energy sources and are working hard to bring industry back to the USA.


"They (the Americans – ELTA) will outrival the entire EU unless we do something. Basically we have to work hard on our own resources and the possibility to have a cheaper energy source, more developed energy market – energy price is vital for the EU. We must understand that our main task is to return industry to the EU, as it is the backbone on which European future can be built," said Dargis.


The president of Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists said that the organization's goals are re-establishment of competitiveness, development of a single market, creation of effective energy policy and interaction with public administration.

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