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In 2012 the production of Lithuanian electricity has jumped to record highs

Petras Vaida, BC, Vilnius, 28.08.2012.Print version
Unpleasant surprise from Russia made Lithuania remember its natural gas. Currently all three operating units in the Elektrenai Power Plant are working at full capacity. In 2012 the production of Lithuanian electricity has jumped to record highs, even though one kilowatt hour costs about LTL 0,4 (EUR 0,11).

The Head of Wholesale of Electricity Trade at Lietuvos Energija Vidmantas Salietis says that since August 20 the Lithuanian Power Plant produces more than usual, informs LETA/ELTA, referring to Lietuvos rytas.


However, so far Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant (the KHPP) can produce less electricity due to the reduced water levels in the Nemunas River. The Kruonis Pumped Storage Power Plant (the KPSHP) is also running at its full capacity. Yesterday our country's power plants produced 1.5 times more power than we might ever receive from the planned construction of the Visaginas Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). In the afternoon they produced 863 MW of power.


The power plants were turned on due to several reasons. First of all, because of the Russian slap in the face. Russian electricity transmission system operator disabled a transmission line to Latvia, therefore the power of transmission lines decreased. Russia's energy system operator did it without any warning, even though he was obliged to inform about such actions.

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