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Lithuanian Seimas votes by roll-call on amendments to Visaginas NPP law

Petras Vaida, BC, Vilnius, 21.06.2012.Print version
The Seimas is having a vote by roll-call on the draft amendments to the Law on the Nuclear Power Plant. If the law is amended, this will mean that the Visaginas NPP project can be further carried out.

Rima Baskiene, MP from the Lithuanian Peasant and Green Party, proposed having a vote on the draft law by roll-call. The Seimas also approved of this type of voting for the law on the Concession Agreement with Hitachi as well, as suggested by the group of the party Order and Justice. The last time a roll-call vote took place at parliament was in 1993, writes LETA/ELTA.


The members from the group of the Social Democrats left the sitting before the voting began as they are against this law.


If the Seimas approves of the law, an agreement with Hitachi will be signed next week.

Conservative MP Kestutis Masiulis said before the voting that it will determine the future of Lithuania in any case, despite what the results of voting are. According to him, today's voting determines Lithuania's future for the next 40 years and if the Seimas says "no" Lithuania will be exposed to the energy isolation and dependence on foreign monopolies.


MP Valentinas Mazuronis from the party Order and Justice also agreed with his fellow MP saying that the voting is of crucial importance to Lithuania's future. However, he held a different view about the possible results of the voting. According to him, Lithuania will assume huge commitments, while the benefit from the project is doubtful.

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