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Quality of power supply in Latvia remains good, but there are still problems

BC, Riga, 26.06.2020.Print version
The quality of power supply in Latvia in 2019 remained good, but there are still a number of problems, said the Public Utilities Commission (SPRK) or the regulator.

SPRK since opening of the power market in 2013, is monitoring indicators characterizing the quality of power distribution an supply, mostly ensured by Sadales Tikls power grid operator.

Safety of power supplies can be measured by the number of power disruptions and their length, as well as voltage parameters. Last year there was less than one planned power disruption per electricity consumer that lasted for about two hours. At the same time, there were about two power disruptions per user for about two hours long last year.

According to SPRK, last year the length of total power disruptions decreased by 12 minutes per user in normal conditions, but the length of unplanned power disruptions increased by 26 minutes per user.

Comparing the indicators of the Latvian power grid operator with operators in other European countries, the regulator concluded that power supply safety in Latvia is close to the average level in Europe.

In relation to voltage quality, in 83 percent it has met the standard. The problems are related with the long power supply lines built in the 1970s. In all cases, Sadales Tikls has already submitted the action plan for dealing with these problems. Some of them were solved last year, some will be solved this year.

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