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Electricity prices down in all Baltic states - Elektrum Lietuva

BC, Vilnius, 12.03.2019.Print version
Electricity prices went down in all three Baltic states last week, with Lithuania registering a slightly faster price drop compared to Estonia and Latvia, independent power provider Elektrum Lietuva said.

Electricity prices decreased by around 2.4% to 42.64 euro per MWh in Estonia and Latvia each, and it went down by 3.1% to 42.30 euro per MWh in Lithuania.

Meanwhile across the whole Nord Pool power exchange the electricity price rose 1.7% on average to 42.55 euros per MWh.

Rising coal and emission permit prices had major impact on electricity production costs, experts from Elektrum Lietuva say. They were also affected by temperature changes, rising wind power production volumes, and the water balance deficit at Nordic countries' hydropower plants' reservoirs.

The Baltic countries' total power consumption inched down 2% to 567 gigawatt-hours (GWh) last week. It dropped 2% in Latvia and Lithuania to 148 and 242 GWh respectively, and the Estonian rate remained unchanged, standing at 177 GWh.

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