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Wind power industry's development in Latvia hampered by lack of political vision - association

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All the preconditions are in place in Latvia for wind energy production, but the wind power industry's development in Latvia is hampered by a lack of political vision, Latvian Wind Power Association's board member Toms Naburgs said on Tuesday during a discussion on the role of wind production in economy, informed LETA.

All the preconditions are in place in Latvia for wind energy production, however, wind power industry practically does not exist in Latvia, explained Naburgs.

"Wind resource is very good all across Latvia," said Naburgs, adding that practically the entire Kurzeme province met the requirements for wind energy production. Furthermore, wind resource is sufficient in all of the country at the height of 100 meters.

The main problem in Latvia is a lack of regulatory framework, which hampers normal development of the industry - there is no clear energy policy, there is no vision of Latvian energy policy development, said Naburgs. Which means that businessmen cannot move forward if they do not know what the government is planning.

"At the moment, there is no clarity about the vision, and then there is the political problem of the mandatory procurement component (OIK). Everyone believes that OIK is the main problem, it is all over the agenda. That is why no one will have the courage to talk about wind power and support for renewable energy resources," said Naburgs.

International environmental consulting company Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment representative Oskars Beikulis said that residents consider noise, infrasound, flashing lights as the main problems associated with wind farms.

"Wind power industry is not unique as residents who oppose different projects usually mention impact on the environment as the number one factor," said Beikulis, explaining that all of the problems mentioned above were successfully solved at wind farms.

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