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Juris Borzovs to be nominated for University of Latvia's acting rector

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The Education and Science Ministry is planning to nominate University of Latvia Professor Juris Borzovs for the university's acting rector, according to the ministry's draft decree LETA had a chance to see.

Borzovs is a former dean of the University of Latvia's Computing Department. Four years ago he ran for the post of the university's rector when Indrikis Muiznieks was eventually selected for the post.

Borzovs told LETA that the Education and Science Ministry had discussed the post of the University of Latvia's acting rector with him, and he had agreed to be nominated if Indrikis Muiznieks was not confirmed for a second term as the rector.

Borzovs admitted though that the perceived the Education and Science Ministry's offer "a moral burden" and that he had "no desire" to hold the position. In his view, this is a short-term solution and not the best one, but "someone has to do it".

When asked if he would run for the University of Latvia's rector during the next election in case Muiznieks is not confirmed as the university's rector, Borzovs replied, "absolutely and definitely not".

LETA has information that several people have been offered the post of the University of Latvia's acting rector, but all of them rejected the offer.

According to the Law on Higher Education Institutions, if the Cabinet of Ministers decides not to confirm Muiznieks as the University of Latvia's rector, the university will have to call a repeat election in two months. The government will then have to appoint an acting rector for the university for this two-month period.

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