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State Audit Office reveals lack of control in granting scholarships in vocational education

BC, Riga, 24.04.2019.Print version
There is no unified approach in Latvia's vocational education for granting scholarships to pupils, and there are no criteria or requirements for certain achievements or even attendance when deciding on the scholarships, the State Audit Office reported.

Anyone who enrolls in a vocational education institution may apply for a monthly scholarship. The size of the scholarship rather depends on the selected institution and the available budget resources rather than pupil's progress or attendance of classes.

The size of the basic scholarship may differ even six times across institutions. The scholarship for summer months or scholarship granted to orphans may differ even 15 times.

Besides, the auditors also discovered allegedly fake pupils in the lists provided by the educational institutions.

The vocational education institutions have not entered the required information about absent pupils in the database of the State Education Information System, thus, there is no information available on the true situation in relation to attendance of classes and the actual number of pupils in these institutions, while the Education and Science Ministry is using these data when planning its work.

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