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In 70 Latvian schools less than 10 students took graduation exams

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In 70 schools across Latvia less than 10 students took the centralized graduation exams in mathematics and the Latvian language, informs LETA, according to the National Center for Education.

The centralized high school graduation exams in mathematics and the Latvian language were organized in slightly more than 400 public and municipal education establishments, but in 70 of those schools the exams were taken by less than 10 students. This means that those schools had no more than 10 students in Grade 12.


Altogether 438 students took the Latvian language exam in the said 70 schools. Assuming that all Grade 12 students in each of those schools took the exam, the average number of Grade 12 students in those schools was just six.


Those 70 schools also showed the most diverse results of the graduation exams. For example, the score of the Latvian language exam varied from 23.42% to 72.44%, and the results of the maths exam were in the range between 8.89% and 60.39%.

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