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Ikstens appointed acting rector at Riga Graduate School of Law

BC, Riga, 24.01.2017.Print version
The government today supported the appointment of the University of Latvia Vice Rector Janis Ikstens as acting rector at the Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL).

The previous RGLS Rector, Professor George Ulrich completed his duties on March 20 last year after two successful terms. Mel Kenny was then put forward as the next RGSL lector.

However, the Education and Science Ministry objected that Kenny had insufficient command of the Latvian language, and therefore could not be confirmed as the RGSL rector. Ikstens, who is also director of the RGSL board, was then nominated for the RGSL acting rector.

According to the Law on Institutions of Higher Education, the previous rector fulfills the duties of rector until Cabinet approval of a newly elected rector. However, Ulrich is not in Latvia and cannot take the office, hence the appointment of Ikstens as the RGSL acting rector.

Kenny will be repeatedly nominated for the RGSL rector once his Latvian meets the official requirements.

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