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The pride of Uzbek people - Alisher Navoi

The pride of Uzbek people - Alisher Navoi


February 9 is the birthday of Alisher Navoi, the glorious son of the Uzbek people. This date is annually widely celebrated in all cities and regions of the country. In Tashkent, the poet’s admirers, as usual on this day, will gather at the foot of the majestic monument to Alisher Navoi, which is located in the National Park of Uzbekistan named after him, to pay tribute to the great ancestors.

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Sokolovs: Russian-speakers are a great resource for Latvia

Sokolovs: Russian-speakers are a great resource for Latvia


The government and the Security Police have to decide whether non-Latvians in Latvia represent a useful resource or a threat, the Russian Community of Latvia President Vladimirs Sokolovs said in an interview with LETA.

Energy expert Jankauskas describes new Statoil/Litgas deal as ‘patching up of holes’

Energy expert Jankauskas describes new Statoil/Litgas deal as ‘patching up of holes’


A new deal between Lithuania’s gas trade company Litgas and Norway’s Statoil can be described as patching up of holes, energy expert Vidmantas Jankauskas has said, adding that the reduced volume of liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply and the resulting lower costs of LNG facility’s maintenance are favorable for the industrial sector but are not sufficient to address the main problem, i.e. the decrease in gas consumption, which requires strategic decisions, cites LETA/BNS.

Analyst: forecasts on euro's impact on Lithuania's property market in 2015 prove wrong

Analyst: forecasts on euro's impact on Lithuania's property market in 2015 prove wrong


Contrary to forecasts that Lithuania's residential property market would shrink in 2015 due to euro adoption, market activity was unexpectedly high, an Ober-Haus analyst Saulius Vagonis said.

Privatization in Poland – phasing out or reversal?

Privatization in Poland – phasing out or reversal?


Privatization has been one the most important driving forces behind the economic success of Poland after 1989. However, now in times of unstable politics and economic volatility the process seems to lose momentum. After the years of successful transition, the privatization has recently been phased out. Besides, the process that took place in Poland in years 2008-2014 was to some extent the sham privatization.


Drug trafficking trends in the Baltic Sea Region

Due to the profit-oriented nature of organized crime, drug trafficking—a highly lucrative commercial activity—has always been one of the fundamental sources of income for criminal organizations. The Baltic Sea Region has traditionally attracted organized crime groups (OCGs) that have been taking advantage of the high volume of trade through the sea ports to smuggle various kinds of contraband, including drugs transiting from Russia to Western markets. Since the 2000s, however, there have been major changes in the course of drug trafficking routes and the composition of domestic drug markets.


The future of Finnish-Russian cooperation – to be or not to be?

“Finland-Russia Society” is a non-governmental organization whose task is to support Finnish-Russian cooperation on a nongovernmental level in cultural, environmental and economic affairs. We have altogether five regional offices in Finland: Oulu (Northern Finland), Kuopio (Eastern Finland), Tampere (Western Finland), Helsinki (Southern Finland) and Turku (Southwestern Finland).


The Baltic Studies Program of Stanford University Libraries

The collection of Baltic books, periodicals and manuscripts of Stanford University Libraries (SUL) has grown significantly during the past couple of years. This, as well as the creation of the first-ever Baltic curator position in the U.S. academic libraries has been enabled by the 2011 Kistler Ritso Foundation’s endowment to SUL, and the foundation’s continuous support towards enhancing the Baltic studies.


British Ambassador: Latvia loses talented, skilled people

The vast waves of migration over the past ten years have put pressure on the British labor market and social security system and this isn't good also for countries like Latvia which are losing talented and skilled workers, British Ambassador to Latvia Sarah Cowley said in the interview with LETA.


President Nazarbayev delivers State of Nation Address

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev delivered his annual State of the Nation address Nov. 30 in the capital’s Palace of Independence. In his speech, the head of state focused on measures to overcome global crises and outlined changes in the financial system and fiscal and social policy, adding Kazakhs will have access to free vocational training starting in 2017 and calling on the population to live within their means.


The Baltic States and Social Integration

This essay was written by me for the October issue of the “Baltic Rim Economies Review”, published by the Pan-European Institute of the School of Economics at the University of Turku, Finland. The publication reviews its opinion on the important issues of development set out by experts from 80 countries, including EU commissioners, prime ministers, members of parliaments, regional decision-makers, executive directors of major corporations, representatives of media, leading academics among other experts.


Maciulis: decline in smuggling is Lithuania's success story in 2015

A decline in fuel and cigarette smuggling is Lithuania's success story of the year 2015, Nerijus Maciulis, Swedbank's chief economist, said on November 10th, cites LETA/BNS.


Rokas Grajauskas: Lithuanian economy is beginning to recover

The latest data provided by Statistics Lithuania has showed that the country's economy grew by 1.8% in the third quarter of 2015. This is the best result achieved this year, demonstrating that Lithuania's economy is gradually recovering from the lowest growth period since the 2008-2009 crisis, informs LETA/ELTA.


EHU rector‘s open letter: a letter from Vilnius to Belarus

The theatre goes on. Alexander Lukashenko will continue in his long running 'role' as president of Belarus. One cannot say 'elected,' 'endorsed' or even 'confirmed.' Not only would none of these be true, they would simply not be believable. As has been said, the only question in this piece of performance art was whether Lukashenko would choose to win by 72%, 79% or even more absurd, 83% of the vote, based upon the delusion that 'believability' was possible and that the Belarusian population can be kept silent .


Kasparov: Putin could attack Latvia and Estonia if oil prices continue to fall

Russian opposition politician Garry Kasparov told Fox News that if the price of crude oil prices drop to 20 dollars per barrel, Russian President Vladimir Putin may attack NATO members such as the Baltic states out of desperation, LETA/ERR reports.

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