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Oleg Shamshur: West can use three measures against Russia

BC, Riga, 26.09.2014.Print version
It is obvious that Ukraine alone cannot resist Russia, especially because the current crisis affects not so much Ukraine as the entire Europe's security system, which has practically ceased to exist, former Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Oleg Shamshur said in an interview with LETA.

It is absolutely impossible for Ukraine to do much without help from the West, however, the situation should be considered rationally, and the reality is that, unfortunately, military intervention will not happen, Shamshur said. Therefore there are three measures that the West can use against Russia.


"The first one is sanctions – such that would be really painful for Russia's economy. First in the financial and energy sectors, and later, possibly, in the defense field. [British Prime Minister David] Cameron mentioned Russia's exclusion from SWIFT. That is something that Russia's economy would feel for real," Shamshur believes.


He believes that another way is to sell weapons. "We have to realize that since the end of August, Ukraine has been target of not even hybrid war, but direct Russian aggression. Therefore, we must have the means to protect ourselves. Furthermore, I do not understand how anyone can offer weapons to the Kurds, for instance, and at the same time say that they are not prepared to supply arms to Ukraine. The only explanation, in my opinion, is that those who say so still want to have a chance, however minor, to reach agreement with Putin," Shamshur said.


The third aspect would be economic help to Ukraine, emergency aid to the Ukrainian economy, and systemic assistance for reforms in Ukraine on the basis of the European Union Association Agreement.

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