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The implementation of the social policy for 25 years of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The implementation of the social policy for 25 years of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan


The world economy knows many examples of fairly rapid growth of the economy of the state; first of all, these are Asian countries – Singapore, South Korea, the provinces of the People’s Republic of China – Hong Kong and Taiwan. What is the phenomenon of such rapid economic development in Uzbekistan?

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The Baltics and Europe

The Baltics and Europe


The ports of the Baltic Sea are an important gateway to economically successful regions, as well as a gateway of trade between East and West. In Latvia, Estonia, and Finland, the political, cultural, and intellectual elites have concentrated in Riga, Tallinn, and Helsinki. Meanwhile, the only seaport of Lithuania, Klaipėda, is not the capital city of the state.

Increased regional tensions in the Baltic Sea

Increased regional tensions in the Baltic Sea


Common cultural, historical, political and economic ties link the Baltic, the Nordic countries and the other countries around the Baltic Sea together. The Baltic and Nordic countries have enjoyed ongoing cooperation since early 1990s. In 2009, the cooperation took further steps when the Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, EUSBSR, was adopted. The focus of the strategy is clean and safe shipping, reliable energy markets and better cooperation in fighting cross-border crime. The countries around the Baltic Sea share an interest in the provision of stability, security and welfare in the Baltic Sea region and beyond.

Estonia plans to bring more ships under Estonian flag

Estonia plans to bring more ships under Estonian flag


Estonian government has started a project “Ships under Estonian flag” aimed for restoration of merchant fleet sailing under Estonian flag. At the start of nineties, around 100 merchant vessels with gross tonnage (GT) above 500 sailed under Estonian flag.

Economic growth and convergence in the Baltic States

Economic growth and convergence in the Baltic States


The Baltic states regained independence from the Soviet Union in August 1991. The years before had been marked by economic hardship, food shortages and high inflation. When the new governments set out to reform the economies and introduce market-based economic systems a key objective was therefore to support economic growth and raise living standards towards levels in Western Europe. The convergence path turned out to be more twisted and challenging than anticipated.


Ecom21: how to survive in the conditions of a virus epidemic

The issue of cybersecurity is one of the most topical in e-commerce - it concerns owners of online businesses, software developers, financial experts and users. This subject will be discussed at the international conference eCom21 to be held in Riga on 16-17 November under the patronage of Latvian Rietumu Bank. One of the invited speakers is Denis Mateev, Head of ESET in Russia and the CIS countries - the international company, developer of antivirus software. On the eve of the forum, he talked about the latest trends and solutions in the field of cybersecurity, informed BC bank’s press service.


Nord Stream 2 benefits consumers, the climate and the economy

The aims of energy union are both sensible and well known: secure, affordable, climate-friendly ‘sustainable’ energy and supporting investment. Nord Stream 2 meets these objectives. The EU has a competitive energy market where gas suppliers not only compete among themselves but also with other energy sources such as coal or renewables.


Ambassador: British-Latvian bilateral relations will become even stronger

Busy work is under way to make bilateral regions between the UK and Latvia even stronger, British Ambassador to Latvia Keith Shannon said in an interview with LETA.


Brussels opponents of Nord Stream 2, why do we hear so little about Ukraine?

One reason why Nord Stream 2 is opposed in EU circles is because it undermines the position of Ukraine as gas transit country. The problem is that Ukraine’s gas sector is notoriously corrupt – and recent news indicates the government is making no progress at all on “reform”. Meanwhile, the European Commission’s attempt to get a “mandate” from the European Council (the Member States) to negotiate with Russia about the pipeline, seems bound to fail: the Legal Service of the Council has made it clear it sees no legal basis for such a mandate.


OECD: "Winner takes it all" ideology not suitable for Lithuania

Income inequality is increasingly evident in Lithuania, therefore, it should not follow the ideology "winner takes it all," says Michael Forster of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. In his words, the impoverished part of the society will be pushed to exclusion even further in the long run, says BNS INTERVIEW.


Latvia’s Ambassador: relationship dynamic between the West and Russia is dependent on Putin

In an interview with LETA, Latvia's new Ambassador to Russia Maris Riekstins said that the relationship dynamic between the West and Russia is dependent on which path Russian President Vladimir Putin chooses.


Moderate dynamics of monetary aggregates suggests economic stability in Latvia

Over the last few months, discussions have been raised about the potential movement of the Latvian economy towards overheating.


Rietumu Asset Management experts: natural disasters have not caused problems for investors

The specialists of Rietumu Group have prepared an overview on the return of the investment funds of Rietumu Asset Management (RAM) for August 2017. Along with information on the structure and dynamics of the funds, the review contains the traditional analysis of the current political events and key economic factors that exert an influence on financial markets, reported BC Rietumu bank’s press service.


Lithuanian president sees post-election Germany as key partner in Europe

After German parliamentary elections secured Chancellor Angela Merkel with yet another term in office, Berlin will remain Lithuania's most important partner in Europe, says President Dalia Grybauskaite, cites LETA/BNS.


State of the Union-2017: charting direction for the EU’s future

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in his State of the Union Address-2017 (SOTUA-17) before the members of the European Parliament presented the yearly’s outcomes and EU’s priorities for the year ahead. His speech was accompanied by the adoption of a number of concrete Commission’s initiatives (on trade, investments, cybersecurity, industry, etc.) outlining a vision of EU that “protects, empowers and defends”.

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