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Zdanoka voted against EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

BC, Riga, 17.09.2014.Print version
European Parliament member Tatjana Zdanoka (Latvian Union of Russians) is the only MEP from Latvia who yesterday voted against the European Union's (EU) Association Agreement with Ukraine, which also includes the free trade agreement, as the voting results indicate.

Zdanoka explained LETA that she voted against the association agreement because she believes that it would be very irresponsible to support a document that is very poorly prepared. She also indicated that the decision is very politicized.


"Three days ago we could celebrate a similar anniversary – 51 years since a similar agreement was signed with Turkey. So where are the EU relations with this country now?" Zdanoka asked in a rhetorical way, urging "the naive Ukrainian residents who hope that the country's EU membership will be decided quickly, just as they hope for visa-free travel that [Ukrainian President Petro] Poroshenko has just promised," to think about it.


The free trade agreement is to integrate the EU and Ukrainian markets, nullifying customs taxes and other trade restrictions, at the same time stipulating specific restrictions and transition periods in fields important to trade liberalization, for example, the agriculture field.


After the ratification, the EU-Ukrainian Association Agreement will be applied provisionally, however, the EU Council is yet to set a date. In order for the agreement to come into force, it has to be ratified by all member states. So far, this has been done only in Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, and Malta.

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