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Veshnyakov: Latvian-Russian relations can be marked "no higher than a three"

BC, Riga, 23.01.2013.Print version
On a scale of one to five, Latvian-Russian relations can currently be marked no higher than a three, Russian Ambassador to Latvia Alexander Veshnyakov says in an interview with the newspaper Telegraf, cites LETA.

Both countries' relations have not reached a two, which "several Latvian right-wing politicians strive for," points out the ambassador and explains that, with the "help of their anti-Russian hysteria, these politicians try to prolong their political careers."


Veshnyakov, however, warns that such populism is a threat to decent neighbor relations and can negatively affect economic and cultural cooperation. "No one will continue to reach out his hand for a handshake when a back is constantly turned against him," says the ambassador. Even though Latvian-Russian economic cooperation grew last year, due to such actions, it slowed down, he adds.


Veshnyakov pointed out that the Russophobic and nationalist ideas of Latvian right-wing parties are losing their influence and will not be able to ensure majority support in elections.


"It is not possible to improve the standard of living, solve demographic issues and halt migration only with patriotic slogans, which is what right-wing Riga mayoral candidates are doing," emphasizes the ambassador.

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