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Russia-linked spyware found on Lithuanian MPs' computers

BC, Vilnius, 24.12.2016.Print version
Spyware linked to Russian intelligence agencies has been found on the computers of several Lithuanian parliamentarians, the director of the Lithuanian State Security Department confirmed to LETA/ BNS.

"There have been cases of finding (spyware) on politicians' computers," Darius Jauniskis said.

"You can say so," he said when asked if the spyware had been discovered on lawmakers' computers.

The official did not reveal the names of the parliamentarians.

The spyware was detected at the start of this year, which means that they were members of the previous Seimas.

Rimtautas Cerniauskas, head of the National Cyber Security Center, told BNS that spyware had been found on three computers of state institutions.

"(The spyware) collects passwords, collects documents and sends them to Russia. (…) The three computers sent data (…) to Russian intelligence institutions or to Russian online addresses linked with Russia's spying activities," he said.

Cerniauskas said that the computers had been infected with spyware via USB sticks.

The director of the State Security Department regards this as a threat to national security.

"If you know the information stored on these computers, if you know what the politicians' interests are, what they share and whom they communicate with, you can then try to influence them, for example, through blackmail," he said.

Similar spyware was found on one computer last year.

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