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Azubalis acquainted EU ambassadors with Lithuania’s priorities of EU Presidency

Petras Vaida, BC, Vilnius, 20.06.2012.Print version
On June 20, Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Audronius Ažubalis met with EU ambassadors who reside in Lithuania and acquainted them with priorities of the forthcoming Presidency of the EU Council, including energy policy, development of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, strengthening of the Eastern Partnership and protection of the EU external borders.


“We will absolutely build on the achievements of the Danish Presidency of the EU, for example, the ongoing implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, which includes also the energy interconnection projects that are especially important to us,” Ažubalis stressed.


He attended the meeting at the invitation of Danish Ambassador to Lithuania Jørgen Molde.


As the Danish Presidency is coming to a close, the Minister thanked the country for holding firmly the steering wheel in the hands during the period that is difficult to the European Union and stressed that “Nordic dash so typical of the Danes and their hardiness help to push the EU project forward”.


Ažubalis presented the following ongoing energy projects of Lithuania: the recently established power exchange trade zone Nord Pool Spot, construction of a liquefied natural gas terminal and the Visaginas nuclear power plant project.


At the meeting, the Minister noted that Lithuania, which was coordinating activities of the Nordic Baltic Eight (NB8) in 2012, spared no effort to open up opportunities for regional cooperation, establish business contacts, increase the region’s visibility and enhance its competitiveness.

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