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May 9 is not a day we celebrate in Latvia - Levits

BC, Riga, 14.05.2020.Print version
May 9 is not a day to be celebrated in Latvia, maybe it is different in private, but people who consider themselves patriots of the country do not have to celebrate this day, President Egils Levits said at a press briefing today.

He emphasized that Latvia celebrates May 8 - the end of the Second World War in Europe, when everyone who fought and died in this war is commemorated. "We commemorate the victory over Nazi Germany on this day, but for Latvia, unlike in Western Europe, one occupying power replaced another," Levits explained.

The president emphasized that it was not acceptable to mark this day [May 9] as special. He called on those who want to commemorate those killed in World War II to do so on May 8 or November 11.

"There is a great need to consider whether people who live in this country and consider themselves patriots should celebrate this day," the president concluded.

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