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White-tailed eagle to be released in wildlife in Estonia

BC, Tallinn, 06.09.2012.Print version

On Friday noon, September 7, a patient white-tailed eagle numbered 10-0034 will be released in Emajõe-Suursoo nature reserve, Tartu county, the Estonian nature fund ELF reports.


The members of Estonian Rescue Board found the eagle swimming in the sea, close to Aegna Island, writes LETA.


The bird was not able to get out of the water nor fly, as-well the local eagle pair where attacking him. On the first examination, it was noticed that the bird is lethargic, the feathers where all soaked and the bird was thin but no physical injuries where found.


Bloodwork showed significant abnormalities in the levels of red and white blood cells. For several weeks the eagle has been in treatment in the Estonian University of Life Science's Animal Clinic where Estonian Fund for Nature's veterinarian Dr. Madis Leivits has taken care of the bird. Besides medical treatments that the eagle received from the vet, he was taken out to flight trained on a daily basis, so he is currently flying well. There is only left to band the bird, mount the tracking device by Eagle Club and release the bird, so the eagle can proceed with his life in nature.


The white-tailed eagle is the largest bird of prey, with a wing span of 200-245 centimeters and a body mass of up to six kilograms. The white-tailed eagle is relatively rare and therefore they are selected to the first category protected species and all of the individual animals are important for the functioning of nature. Currently there are about 150 nesting pairs present in Estonia but the population size has not been like this always. Being the top predator in the food chain, environmental contaminants accumulate in their body's. That leaded to a decrease in the numbers what culminated during the 1960s, when no successful nestings were reported for several years. Therefore the white-tailed eagle is a important indicator species for the health of our nature and environment.


ELF reminds that donations help to support the organization's work with patients like this White-Tailed Eagle and other wild animals.

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