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American band singer Kiedis receives Lithuanian family tree

BC, Vilnius, 31.07.2012.Print version

A world-famous American rock band Red Hot Chilli Peppers gave a concert in the evening of July 28 in Kaunas, and its singer Anthony Kiedis was presented a family tree with his Lithuanian roots, Lithuania's MFA said BC.


At the initiative of the Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Audronius Azubalis and Lithuanian diplomats, the family tree chart was created tracing the singer's 18th century roots back to his Lithuanian great-grandparents who lived in Taurage district.


The group leader regretted that his stay in Lithuania was so short this time.


"Lithuania is the place where the family of your great grandparents Antanas Kiedis and Julija Kiediene came from. On behalf of my nation I wish to reassert our admiration for your musical talent and to share our delight in the fact that at least part of it is of Lithuanian origin," Azubalis wrote in the letter that was presented to the singer together with the gift.


According to the Minister, the peculiarity of melodies and the symbolism in the words of the folk songs that reach back to the ancient pagan times had always been a harbour of Lithuanian national identity and remained a vivid source of inspiration even for the present generation.


"I am pretty sure that a closer look at this bottomless reservoir of Lithuanian cultural heritage will even stir up new ideas for future songs of such a brilliant rock band as Red Hot Chili Peppers," Azubalis wrote in the letter.

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