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Lithuania perpetuates Barbara Radziwill and Sigismund II Augustus in gilded medal

BC, Vilnius, 26.07.2012.Print version

One of the most famous couples in Lithuanian history Barbora Radvilaite (Barbara Radziwill) and Zygimantas Augustas (Sigismund II Augustus) has been perpetuated in a gilded medal from the series Lithuania's Most Prominent People.


The obverse of the coin shows the portraits of crowned Barbora Radvilaite and Zygimantas Augustas. Next to them one can see the dates of their birth and death. The reverse of the medal shows a stylized Lithuania's coat of arms Vytis (The Chaser) from different epochs.


The medal was created by Dutch designer Elles Kloosterman.


"Historians often prefer the history of state or its political events. But a modern person is also interested in a more subjective side of history which has to do with human relationships, first of all, with the universal theme of love and passion. The love of Barbora Radvilaite and Zygimantas Augustas blossomed during the Renaissance, the epoch which brought to the fore the ideal of a free, creating and loving personality," says historian Jolanta Karpaviciene, Deputy Director of the National Museum – Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania.


Barbora Radvilaite up to this day is considered to be a beauty ideal in Lithuania. The love story of her and Zygimantas Augustas has inspired artists from different countries. Literary works have been written in Lithuania, Poland and Belarus.

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