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Wolves have killed nearly 700 sheep in Estonia in 2011

BC, Tallinn, 02.11.2011.Print version

Wolves have killed 685 sheep in Estonia in 2011, plus 6 cows, 7 dogs and 1 goat; during the wolf-hunting season that started yesterday, 150 wolves can be hunted, LETA/National Broadcasting reports.


During the lynx hunting season that starts in December, 101 lynx has been set as the limit. These are both basic numbers that can be changed during the hunting season if need be, said the Environment Board.

Due to recent cold winters and the consequent ice conditions, larger number of wolves than before have “discovered” Estonia’s islands and considering the major damages with sheep herds there, Saaremaa was allocated 3 wolf killing permits and Hiiumaa 2.


Wolf and lynx hunting season lasts till February 28 next year.

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