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Lithuanian and U.S. Special Forces jointly take part in exercise

BC, Vilnius, 02.08.2011.Print version

In July, Lithuanian Special Operations Forces jointly with the U.S. Special Operations Forces and U.S. Navy SEALS in Lithuania participated in military exercises, the Ministry of National Defence said.


The soldiers of the two countries exchanged the experience from multinational operations and improved joint operational skills. Three months duration joint combined exercise held in the territory of Lithuania in the Baltic Sea and Klaipeda combined land, sea and air elements. Lithuanian Special Operations troops together with Americans were engaged in a broad spectrum of land and water special operations, conducted shooting, diving, rope landing, liberation of hostages, parachute jumps into the Baltic Sea. Lithuanian Special Operations Forces' soldiers also conducted complicated parachute jumps into the Baltic Sea. This is a difficult part of the exercise which requires a lot of skills and good preparation. Instructors of Lithuanian Armed Forces Training Regiment Parachute Training Center helped soldiers to get ready for this part of the exercise. Soldiers conducted parachute jumps wearing diving-suits and all necessary combat equipment.


JCET program was established in the eight decade, and designed to provide training opportunities for American Special Forces who were stationed outside the United States by holding the training exercises jointly with the Special Forces of host nations.

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