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Baltic post-folk festival "Mënuo Juodaragis" to take place in Zarasai in August

BC, Vilnius, 22.07.2011.Print version

The 14th edition of independent Baltic post-folk festival "Mënuo Juodaragis" is going to the beautiful Zarasai lake island again. The outstanding open air event, presenting many alternative scenes, as well as contemporary folk and Heathen culture, will take place on the very last Summer weekend – August 26-28 in Zarasai, North-Eastern Lithuania. The festival is an unique event with outstanding concept, great atmosphere and incredible location – big green island in the region of pure wild nature, festival’s press release said.


MJR 2011 will present many original collectives and artists of various origins and styles – from authentic folklore to neofolk, from darkwave to avantgarde, from electronic to metal. During 3 days on 4 stages "Mënuo Juodaragis" will present more than 45 outstanding groups and arcane projects.


The 2011 festival line-up includes: BLOOD AXIS (USA) • DAZKARIEH (Portugal) • RAPOON (UK) • SONNE HAGAL (Germany) • ARNICA (Spain) • TARUTA (Ukraine) • POLUDNICA (Poland) • TESTAMENTUM TERRAE (Belarus), as well as the best Lithuanian collectives, like BIX • DONIS • PIEVOS • ATALYJA • LUCTUS • UGNIAVIJAS • MARGA MUZIKA • TRYS KETURIOSE • VILKDUJA • SPANXTI • KÛLGRINDA... and many others.


MJR is always eager to explore interesting actions and themes. The main theme for 2011 is a very unique Lithuanian heritage – sutartinës – a polyphonic singing, deeply meditative and ritual. The tradition also includes instrumental playing and dances, which will be presented and teached by the best researchers and performers.


Evoking old traditions and presenting contemporary, living Baltic culture, MJR festival will charm visitors with ancient crafts' yard and many good forgotten things. You are welcome to enjoy creative projects, good beer, friendly atmosphere, pleasing meadows, groves, fires, wooded camping site and refreshing clear waters of Zarasas lake... "Mënuo Juodaragis" always has a nice suprise for everyone and appears to be the best opportunity to visit Lithuania and spend the last days of fading Summer in pagan heart of Europe.


The 3-day MJR ticket costs 35 Eur (presale). Tickets are available from "Mënuo Juodaragis" website with transfer through Paypal.

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