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Estonian family finds a seal pup in their garden

BC, Tallinn, 29.03.2011.Print version

A family who lives only a couple of hundred meters from the sea in Muraste, Estonia, found a white seal pup crawling between their garden's bushes on the evening on Monday, March 28.


The baby seal was discovered by the landlord's dogs who signaled the arrival of the stranger, writes LETA.


At first the family decided to carry the little seal back to the seaside on their own, yet after numerous attempts to approach the pup, it became obvious that the wild animal was too aggressive.


The Environmental Board also advised not to touch the creature, as its bite is dangerous.


"Of course, it is not a good idea to go and pet the seal, because if it puts its teeth into your flesh, it is painful and diseases might occur which medics may not know how to treat right away," explained Ivar Jüssi, seal researcher at the non-profit organization Pro Mare.


He said that a certain type of bacteria carried by seals, fish and seabirds, can cause a severe form of arthritis. After several attempts to capture the cub, rescuers finally managed to place the creature in a cage, safely transporting it back to its natural environment.

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