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Most common eye color in Latvia – bluish-grey

BC, Riga, 13.09.2010.Print version

According to a survey, which purpose was to clarify what eye color the people of Latvia have, turned out that the most common eye color among citizens of Latvia is bluish-grey.


The research, which was carried out ten days and, in which participated 1,572 people, clarified that 32% Latvian residents have bluish-grey eye color, business portal Nozare.lv was informed by manaslecas.lv Ltd. member of the board Matins Kossovics.


16% respondents have the second most common eye color – greyish-green.


"There was a stereotype in our society that most of people in Latvia have beautiful clear blue eyes. But the survey showed that only 14% of Latvian resident have clear blue eyes. At the same time one in ten citizens have brown eyes. As many citizens of Latvia have greenish-brown and green eyes – respectively 11 and nine%," told Kossovics.


As the survey shows, about two% of citizens of Latvia have each eye in a different color.


As most of respondents have told, they are very proud of their eye color, and do not want to change it, however, 28% would like to have blue eyes, but 16% would like to change their eye color to expressive green, writes LETA.


"Eye color not only beautifies our individuality, but also protects our eyes from the impact of the strong sunbeams. The darker eye color people have, the more protected they are from the impact of sun. Therefore people with dark eyes mainly live in South and North, where the sun is very bright also in cold winter months," explained Kossovics.

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