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Nearly 1,800 workers took part in the strike in Estonia

BC, Tallinn, 17.06.2009.Print version

According to the Estonian Confederation of Trade Unions of Estonia, nearly 1,800 employees from 15 enterprises took part in the strike on Tuesday, writes the National Broadcasting/LETA.


Nearly 700 workers from approximately ten enterprises embarked on a strike in the transportation sector. The Federation of Manufacturing Workers organised a strike in two Kreenholm's factories with more than 600 participants. 300 energy workers in the Eesti Power Plant were on a strike and 100 metallurgy workers stopped work in Silmet.


The Confederation announced that trade unions also organised numerous strike meetings to support the organisation's demands. Lithuanian trade unions held a support demonstration near the Estonian embassy in Vilnius at noon on Tuesday in order to demonstrate their solidarity.


Despite the fact that in Tallinn, much fewer transport workers took part in the strike than was hoped, the head of the Confederation of Trade Unions Harri Taliga found that the strike was a success.

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