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Estonians' birth rate became positive in 2008

BC, Tallinn, 14.05.2009.Print version

Since Estonia regained independence, the birth rate of Estonians has been negative, but in 2008, nearly 600 Estonians more were born than died, writes EPL Online/LETA.


The birth rate of the entire population of Estonia remained negative, however – in 2008, Estonia lost 647 residents.


In the year 1992 – the first year after regaining of independence – Estonians' birth rate was minus 755, a year later the birth rate among Estonians had fallen to minus 2,731. The year 1994 was the worst one in terms of birth rate since regaining of independence – 4,323 persons more died than were born.


Since then, the situation has improved slowly, but surely. Estonians' birth rate in 2005 was minus 1,062, in 2006 minus 824, in 2007 minus 177 and last year 595 Estonians more were born than died.

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