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Estonian hunters have shot 13 wolves so far this season

BC, Tallinn, 23.11.2020.Print version

Hunters in Estonia have shot 13 wolves in the first weeks since the start of the hunting season in November 2020, informs LETA/BNS.

Hunters have shot 13 wolves in the first three weeks of this year's wolf hunting season, one of them on the basis of a special permit, according to the statistics available from the Environmental Board. The Environmental Board has permitted to hunt 140 wolves in the first stage of the season, which started in November and ends in February.

Hunters in Parnu County have this year shot six and hunters of West-Viru County three wolves. One wolf each has been shot by hunters in Polva, Rapla and Viljandi counties, and one wolf was shot in Harju County on the basis of a special permit.

The initial hunting volume of this season -- 140 individuals -- is significantly higher than in previous years. The reason for the increase in volume is the significant increase in the number of wolves. The last two winters have been quite lacking in terms of snow, which makes it difficult to track and catch wolves.

Hunting volumes are established on the basis of control areas, whereas hunting volumes are not established for five control areas - Hiiu, Saare, Parnu-Viljandi, Tartu-Jogeva and north Laane County -- in the first segment.

In determining the hunting volumes, the Environmental Board was guided by the wolf hunting proposal submitted by the Environmental Agency and the data collected by the Environmental Board on the damage caused by wolves.

"Wolves are doing well in Estonia, they have enough food in the forest and scabies is not a big problem. Based on the current observation data, the existence of 22 wolf litters in Estonia is well known, it is estimated that there are up to 32 litters in Estonia," Aimar Rakko, head of the office for hunting and aquatic biota at the Environmental Board, said.

Last season, 44 out of 82 permitted wolves were hunted in Estonia. The season before that, 65 wolves were permitted to be hunted in Estonia, but 66 wolves were actually hunted, six of them with a special permit outside the hunting season.

Wolf hunting season in Estonia runs from Nov. 1 to the end of February.

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