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Christmas market to be held in Tallinn's Town Hall Square

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Where reports last week suggested that no Christmas market will be held in Tallinn's Town Hall Square this year, Mayor Mihhail Kolvart explained on Wednesday that the Christmas market will take place, but will be organized by the city instead of the private organizer that has been responsible for its organization to date. 

Kolvart said that the cooperation partner of the city who has been organizing the Christmas market announced that it cannot stage the fair this year for economic reasons.

"This can be understood, as the purpose of business is to generate revenue, whereas we know that there will not be many tourists this year and it will not be possible to generate revenue," the mayor said.  

"For us, however, it is important, alongside business, to generate a positive emotion. Thus there will be a Christmas market, and it will be organized by the government of the city district of Central Tallinn. And the concept will be much broader, for the whole Old City to be one big Christmas fairy tale. For this, we will bring in more decorations, more light and more activities together with cooperation partners," Kolvart said. 

He said that besides, each district of the city will devise a Christmas holiday concept of their own in order for the beautiful Christmas mood to embrace the whole city.

"I believe that we can offer positive experiences to residents of our city," Kolvart said, adding, jokingly, that the mayor definitely will not steal Christmas from Tallinners this year. 

The elder of the city district of Central Tallinn, Monika Haukanomm, said that special programs are about to be launched in collaboration with cafes and restaurants in the Old City.

"There will be art windows, readings of fairy tales, excursions in collaboration with museums. In addition -- Christmas concerts and stylish Christmas trees," Haukanomm said.

The traditional big Christmas tree to stand in the Town Hall Square will start its journey towards Tallinn on Nov. 19.

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