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The initiative “radi!” will start its second decade in Latvia

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Gaining inspiration from the achievements over the last 10 years and preparing for a new decade, this year “radi!” (ENG. “create!”) will be transformed from a cycle of separate events to a year-long series of activities for popularizing the creative industries in Latvia. But as soon as next year, the “radi!” academy of creative growth will be launched where everyone interested will be able to gain valuable knowledge and inspiration for carrying out own projects.

“Ten years in the industry is a sufficient time to look back at what has been achieved and develop future plans, thereby building even closer collaboration with the professionals, experts and the audience of the creative industry. Over these ten years “radi!” has grown from a creativity week activity for various target audiences to a cycle of events in the Latvian regional cities and towns. But we wish to grow further and deliver even higher performance! That is why our new concept entails that from now onwards, “radi!” will be an initiative for bringing into the limelight the greatest products and services of the creative industries, by offering various activities for the development of the industry throughout the entire year, as well as by initiating projects focused on the needs of the country's residents,” informs Liva Sturmane, board member of Creativity Lab, the organizer of the initiative “radi!”.

Given the unstable situation related to Covid-19, the organizers are planning to carry out a retrospection of activities mainly online, while sketching out a plan for the upcoming two years. Already this year a new website and visual identity will be created, by upgrading the website radilatvija.lv, which was created in 2010, when the Week of Creativity “radi!” took place for the first time.

This year the initiative “radi!” will also take part in the 2020 autumn season of the collaboration platform “DEMOLA Latvia”, by giving students a chance to explore creative industries and the latest developments over the recent years. By uniting the students of various universities and the academic and scientific staff at various companies, “DEMOLA Latvia” develops innovative solutions to address the issues defined by institutions via engaging interdisciplinary and intercultural student teams in the problem-solving process.

“Search for new solutions encourages design thinking, gives intercultural experience and deepens understanding of the industry's trends, as well development and implementation of new concepts. Therefore, we are happy that we can share our experience with young specialists in various fields and recommend the best methods of design thinking for solving various problems,” Liva Sturmane points out.

Additionally, this year the retrospective event will be organized with the goal of looking back at what has been achieved over the last ten years and what has been planned for the future, by bringing together the original initiators and partners of the initiative “radi!”.

The “radi!” academy of creative growth, which will launch the training program in 2021, has been planned as a five-day training cycle for the representatives of the creative industries and non-

governmental organizations on methods of design thinking and service design, management of change and leadership, strategic communication, cultural export and creative entrepreneurship, use of new technologies in the field of culture, etc. It will be possible to join the “radi!” academy not only in Riga, but also in the regions with the highest residents' interest in the creative industries, based on the experience from the previous years.

The initiative “radi!” in the second decade of its work will continue to focus on the creative industry, the role and benefits of design thinking and partnership, as well as continuously search for new opportunities and solutions in the context of such future challenges as the labour market, future skills, traditional industries and their interaction, social welfare, the environment, quality of life, revitalization of degraded territories, knowledge economy.

You can follow the news about the initiative “radi!” on the website www.radilatvija.lv, as well as on social media: Facebook, Twitter un YouTube. #radilv.

The initiative “radi!” is organized by the foundation “Creativity Lab” and being funded with the support from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia.

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