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Dolphins sighted in Kopli Bay in Estonia

BC, Tallinn, 02.06.2020.Print version

Estonian ship pilot Indrek Sulla on Tuesday morning sighted two dolphins who had likely erred into Kopli Bay from the Atlantic, Postimees reported, cites LETA/BNS.

Sulla said that he had spotted the dolphins at around 11 a.m.

"I was delighted to observe this as I immediately realized that the climate must be getting warmer and cleaner. I have seen them before on the high seas and met all kinds of these animals, but to see them here -- it brought joy to my heart," Sulla said.'

Three Atlantic bottlenose dolphins were also sighted in southern Finland at the end of May. The ones encountered in Kopli Bay were likely the same specimens.

Dolphins were also spotted in 2015 near the Rohukula harbor off the western coast of Estonia. Zoologist Ivar Jussi said these had likely been either short-beaked common dolphins or Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. A white-beaked dolphin was sighted by a fisherman in Tallinn Bay in 2008.

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