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Estonia: NATO battlegroup units to rehearse responding to cyber threats

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A cyber training exercise, Cyber Fog, took place under the guidance of the British contingent of the NATO enhanced forward presence battlegroup stationed in Estonia this week, aimed at responding to cyber threats impacting the troops deployed to Estonia, informed LETA/BNS. 

The commander of NATO's enhanced forward presence in Estonia, Col. Paul Clayton, said that as we approach the NATO anniversary and look back on our achievements as an collective alliance for the last 70 years, it is equally important to look ahead and ensure our people are ready to operate in the cyber and hybrid age of operations.

"In Exercise Cyber Fog, we have tested our ability to identify, adapt and respond to the threats that we could face to ensure our operational resilience. We are committed to work in full cooperation with our NATO allies, to support our shared objectives through our presence in Estonia and will integrate the lessons from this exercise across all domains of our activity," Clayton said.

"For the Estonian defense forces and the Cyber Command it's extremely important to support allied units in the performance of their duties and developing real cooperation capability. Exercise Cyber Fog is one of the main examples of such support," said Maj. Raul Veiler, staff officer at the Estonian Cyber Command.

During the exercise, the training audience focused on developing an understanding of the critical national infrastructure supporting their mission, practice incident-handling procedures for impacts coming from cyber-attacks, exercise providing essential stability to the local populace, and improve their understanding of the cyberspace and electromagnetic effects on operational level planning processes and how to mitigate hostile actions.

The exercise was conducted in Estonia in cooperation with the NATO CCDCOE and Guardtime, and used the cyber training ground of the Estonian defense forces as the environment of the exercise. In addition to allied command elements in Estonia, the Estonian Cyber Command, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the British military command, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, as well as the NATO Force Integration Unit in Estonia were involved either in a supporting or observing role.

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