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Estonia: Ice fishers allowed onto ice of Lake Peipsi in East Viru County starting Friday

BC, Tallinn, 11.01.2019.Print version

Ice fishers are allowed out on the ice of Lake Peipsi in East Viru County on foot and on all-terrain vehicles starting Friday, spokespeople for the East Prefecture of the Police and Border Guard Board said LETA/BNS.

Starting from Friday, people are allowed on the ice up to three kilometers from the shore and no closer than 200 meters to the temporary control line, which is what the Estonian-Russian border is called in the absence of a border treaty, in the entire territory of East Viru County.

The maximum weight of the ATVs allowed on the ice is 500 kilograms. Areas less than 500 meters from the mouths of rivers and streams and less than one kilometer from Narva River remain off-limits to fishers. 

As before, ice fishers and everyone else are allowed to drive onto the ice of the Narva Reservoir with ATVs weighing up to 300 kilograms in an area up to 2.5 kilometers from Kulgu harbor, up to 600 meters from the Estonian coast and and no closer than 50 meters to the temporary control line. People moving on the ice also must keep at a distance of at least 200 meters from the mouths of rivers and streams.

Indrek Puvi, head of the border guard bureau of the North Prefecture, urged everyone venturing out onto the ice to be realistic in the estimation of their condition and state of fitness to make sure they can return to the shore safe. 

"We advise everyone not to go fishing alone. Be sure to have with you a mobile phone with a loaded battery in a sealed watertight bag, ice picks, and a navigation device if possible," Puvi said.

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