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US broadcaster MHz Networks buys rights to Estonian TV series Pank

BC, Tallinn, 16.10.2018.Print version

Itamambuca Filmproduction, the British distribution company Videoplugger and the U.S. television broadcaster MHz Networks have signed an agreement whereby the Estonian TV series Pank (The Bank) produced by Itamambuca Filmproduction will be shown on U.S. television channels, informs LETA/BNS/ Postimees.

MHz Networks has rights to a regular network that is broadcast across of the United States, in addition to which they operate a popular video rental service and engage in the sale and rental of DVDs. They acquired rights to Pank for all three outlets.

MHz is the only U.S. channel specializing in the display of high-quality non-English language TV content, being the network that brought such Scandinavian hits as Borgen and Wallander to viewers in the U.S.

Lance Schwulst, representative for MHz Networks, said that watching Nordic Noir on HBO is no longer trendy in the United States. "Now watching an Estonian drama series on MHz is considered cool," Schwulst told Postimees according to remarks published in Estonian.

Schwulst described Pank, which is based on real-life events, as extremely exciting material with riveting characters and fantastic visuals. 

The producer will now start preparing promotional materials specifically for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Pank is based on a true story in the turbulent 1990s in Estonia, in which personal dramas unfold using the historic events as a backdrop, with the characters constantly re-evaluating the currency rates and their personal values, according to the promotional article for the 10-episode drama series.


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