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Over 5,500 EV100 oak trees planted in Estonia

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More than 5,500 oak trees have been planted in oak groves across Estonia as part of an initiative announced as part of the celebration of the centennial of the Republic of Estonia, reports LETA.

State Secretary Heiki Loot thanked the authors of the idea and the municipalities and the schools that established the oak groves during a ceremony at the Stenbock House government seat, spokespeople for EV100 said on Tuesday.

"The making of one of the most remarkable presents to Estonia has been completed," Loot said. "We have left to future generations a strong and forward-looking message that Estonia will last."

Preparations for the Estonia's 100 Oaks initiative started at the initiative of the Government Office in 2013, when children started growing oak plants from acorns collected by them.

Jaanus Rohumaa, head of the organizing team of EV100 at the Government Office, said that many schools, municipalities, organizations and individuals have planted thousands of oak trees as a present to Estonia.

"We are proud of this common achievement. I dare guess that the actual number is bigger still. We are pleased that so many people all over Estonia have planted their anniversary oak tree or an oak grove to celebrate our common anniversary," Rohumaa said.

In the spring of the centenary of the Republic of Estonia, each of Estonia's 15 counties could plant at least one oak grove in collaboration between the municipality and local children. Also individuals, families, businesses and organizations have taken part in the initiative in Estonia and abroad.

Many of the oak groves across Estonia were opened on June 1, including a five hectare oak forest of the state in the eastern town of Tamsalu.

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