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5-year plan worked out to protect brown bears in Latvia

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A five-year plan has been worked out to protect brown bears (Ursus arctos) in Latvia, Guna Bagrade, a senior researcher at the Latvian State Forest Research Institute Silava, told LETA.

Citing monitoring data and reports of random bear sightings, she said that around 30 bears are sighted in Latvia a year on average. However, it will only be possible to talk about a permanent bear population when the animals start reproducing in Latvia’s territory.

“The situation has been very dynamic over the past couple of years, the number of animals can change quickly, so the bear protection plan has been worked out for a five-year period. After that the plan has be updated again in accordance with the situation,” the expert said.

In Bagrade’s words, the bear protection plan describes the activities and measures necessary to ensure the protection and management of the species in Latvia’s territory and ensure the coexistence of humans and bears. These measures include improving the documentation of hunting and record keeping in order to establish how chase hunting affects the bears’ “hibernation” and reproduction conditions in Latvia.

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