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Estonian elections: 44,329 non-electronic early votes cast in Tallinn

BC, Tallinn, 12.10.2017.Print version

A total of 44,329 voters cast their vote at polling stations in the Estonian capital Tallinn during the period of advance voting ahead of the Oct. 15 municipal elections that ended on Wednesday evening, writes LETA/BNS.

More than a quarter of the early votes in Tallinn, 11,902, were cast on the last day of advance voting. During the six days prior to it 32,427 votes were cast at the polling stations open in Tallinn.

Of the early votes in Tallinn 26,971 were cast by voters outside of the district of their registered place of residence and 17,358 in the voting district of the voter's residence.

Across Estonia, 306,508 people, making up 27.8 percent of the total number of eligible voters, voted during the period of advance voting. The number of votes cast online was 186,034 and that of votes cast at a polling station 120,474.

On the day of the 2017 local elections, Oct. 15, polling stations will be open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and a vote can be cast only in the voting district of the voter's residence. A vote cast during advance voting cannot be changed on the main day of the election.

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