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Valatka leaves ELTA news agency after 1 day of work

BC, Vilnius, 13.09.2017.Print version

Journalist Rimvydas Valatka said on September 13th he had decided to leave the post of editor-in-chief at the Lithuanian national news agency ELTA after merely one day of work, informs BNS.


"Yesterday was my first day at the ELTA news agency. And the last," Valatka said on Facebook.


He said the decision was taken after "looking at the situation first-hand and speaking to many journalist and editors" and realizing that he "would have to perform a miracle to restore ELTA's former journalistic power."


The news agency announced Valatka's appointment to head its editorial office on Monday. Valatka then said he was taking the post "after reaching common grounds with the agency's new owner on the fundamental provisions on ensuring the spread of the most operative and the most reliable news."


According to the press release, businesswoman Gitana Markoviciene is continuing the deal on acquisition of the controlling stake in the agency from publisher Vitas Tomkus.

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