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Preliminary election results from all constituencies of Lithuania are announced

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Probably the preliminary parliamentary election results in multi-mandate district will not change. Data has already been announced from all 2034 election constituencies. There is no data from those who voted abroad yet, however.


Seven parties that have overcome the election margin of 5% or 7% have got into the future Seimas, informs ELTA.


According to preliminary data, the Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats won the highest support of the electorate (19.58%) and is expected to get 17 mandates in the new Seimas.


The Nation"s Resurrection Party has received 15.13% of votes and is expected to receive 13 mandates.


The political party Order and Justice captured the third place with 12.72% of all votes.


The Social Democratic Party was less popular and collected 11.74% of all votes. The political party Order and Justice and the Social Democrats won 11 mandates each.


The coalition the Labor Party + Youth, which has overcome the barrier of 7%, won 8 mandates. A total of 9.03% of the electorate voted for this party. The Liberal Movement won 5.69% of votes and the Liberal and Centre Union received 5.33% of votes. According to preliminary data, both parties will be represented in the Seimas by 5 mandates each.


According to the preliminary results, other parties would not participate in the distribution of mandates, because they would not collect the necessary support of 5% of the electorate.


The Election Action of Lithuania"s Poles (4.82%) was very close to the barrier. The National Farmers" Union (3.73%) and the New Union (Social Liberals) (3.64%) will not get into the Seimas either. The political parties Front (3.25%), the Young Lithuania (1.75%), the Civil Democracy Party (1.12%), the Lithuanian Russians" Union (0.91%), the Lithuanian Social Democratic Union (0.86%) and the Lithuanian Centre Party (0.7%) have not overcome the barrier too.


Comparatively a lot of ballots were declared invalid during these parliamentary elections – this figure has reached 5.61%.


The candidates" rating results are expected to be announced on Tuesday or Wednesday.


The Central Election Commission (VRK) intends to announce final election results on Sunday, October 19.

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