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Three Estonian mountain climbers were killed in Peru, fourth found alive

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According to the press of Peru, three Estonian mountain climbers were killed in an avalanche in the mountains near the town of Huaraz in the Ancash region on June 7th 2015; a fourth mountain climber was found alive on Monday, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.


According to preliminary data, four people were reported lost in the Huascaran National Park at the foot of the Tocllaraju mountain, El Comercio reported. 33-year-old Annemai Märtson was found alive; she suffered from multiple rib fractures, contusions and dehydration. Märtson was taken to Huaraz city hospital for treatment.


At the same time, under an avalanche in the depth of 22 meters, the bodies of mountaineers Tarmo (45) and his wife Jane (42), and Allan (36) were found, brokered ancashnoticias.com.

The accident happened around 8 am on Sunday morning. The travel agency discovered the disappearance of the mountaineers Sunday afternoon when they got a call via satellite from German tourists. Search group head Alfredo Quintana Figueroa said that rescuers arrived at the accident site 12 hours later. Quintana Figueroa noted that Estonians were crossing an icy bridge that broke, unleashing an avalanche of snow.


The accident happened at 5,900 meters above sea level. The mountaineers were trying to conquer the 6,032-meter altitude Tocllaraju mountaintop.


Search group head Figueroa Quintana said this is the first accident in the Ancash region this year.

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