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Adamkus congratulates presidents of Ukraine and Uruguay on Independence Day

BC, Vilnius, 25.08.2008.Print version

On Monday, President Valdas Adamkus on behalf of his and all the people of Lithuania extended his congratulations to Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and Uruguayan President Tabare Ramon Vazquez Rosas on the occasion of Independence Day, informed BC Press Service of the President.


The head of state wrote to Ukrainian president Yushchenko that The Ukrainian people, having fought for long centuries for their freedom and the right to preserve their unique culture and traditions, are today walking firmly down the road of Euro-Atlantic integration towards Ukraine"s historically predestined place in Europe. "Your personal contribution, Mr. President, to guiding Ukraine on this path is very significant," indicated Adamkus in his letter of congratulations.


President Adamkus underlined that Lithuania supported and would continue to support Ukraine"s Euro-Atlantic aspirations, the success of which depended, first and foremost, on the unity and consolidation of Ukrainian political parties in securing democratic reforms.


He noted that Lithuania would continue to stand together with Ukraine in strengthening the continent"s energy security, protecting democracy, upholding respect for the principles of national sovereignty and international law, and coordinating the efforts to counter manifestations of aggression in Europe and its neighborhood.According to President Adamkus, the role of Ukraine in the region was essential. President Valdas Adamkus congratulated, on behalf of himself and the people of Lithuania, President Tabare Vazquez Rosas and the people of Uruguay on Independence Day."This year has been of utmost importance to our bilateral relations: we have defined our partnership as strategic during your visit in Vilnius this past May. I am confident that we will continue working together in strengthening and developing this partnership and bringing the friendly Lithuanian and Ukrainian nations even closer together," emphasized Adamkus. Valdas Adamkus noted it was with great warmth that he recalled the hospitality extended by President Tabare Vazquez during his recent visit to Uruguay.


"Our open and sincere conversation reaffirmed my belief that Lithuania and Uruguay are linked not only by political ties, but also by mutual fellow feelings, understanding and the wish to strengthen bilateral economic and cultural contacts," Adamkus wrote in his letter of congratulations.


President Adamkus expressed his confidence that the ties established during his visit would grow stronger and that the joint declaration signed by the two presidents would open the way for new initiatives in business, culture and people-to-people contacts.


Valdas Adamkus wished the Uruguayan President good health and success in strengthening his country"s independence and he also extended his wishes for well-being and prosperity to the people of Uruguay.

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