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Estonia still strongly supports Kosovo's European Endeavors

BC, Tallinn, 26.04.2013.Print version

Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet met with Minister of European Affairs of Kosovo Vlora Citaku in Luxembourg and confirmed Estonia’s ongoing support for Kosovo’s European Union integration, reported BC the Estonian Foreign Ministry.


“We support starting negotiations for a Stabilisation and Association Agreement with Kosovo,” Paet stated.

“The newly reached agreement between Kosovo and Serbia regarding northern Kosovo was a requirement for this to happen, so Estonia would like for the next step to be naming a date to start negotiations with Kosovo,” he noted.


The Estonian foreign minister also emphasized that it is currently very important for the agreement between Kosovo and Serbia to be implemented and for both sides to work towards that.


Paet stated that Estonia also supports the European Union establishing a visa waiver with Kosovo when the necessary obligations have been fulfilled. Advancing bilateral relations with Kosovo is also important to Estonia, and the foreign minister of Kosovo is welcome to come to visit Estonia.

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