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Estonia celebrates 95th anniversary of republic with photography project

BC, Tallinn, 20.02.2013.Print version

Estonian Association of Press Photographers and the State Chancellery call on all people residing in or visiting Estonia to take pictures of the people, evocative moments, events or nature around them – a minute in the life of Estonia – on February 24, the 95th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, informs LETA.


The State Chancellery said that this isn’t a photography competition; it’s an historical moment that they are honoured to invite people to join.


"It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the woods or working, sitting at a luncheon banquet or doing chores around the house – take a picture and send it to us. If you wish, you can stage the scene in advance and think about what to photograph on this important day in Estonian history. You can gather all the people in your village or pay a visit to a neighbour," the State Chancellery said. "Take a picture of the way life ordinarily is."


The goal of the photos is to document the 95th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia so that generations to come would experience the moment and era. The pictures taken in this project will be collected and sent, along with the name of the author and text description of the scene, for safekeeping in the Estonian National Museum.


All people in Estonia, including visitors to the country, are welcome to take part. Pictures are to be taken in the one minute from 1:00 p.m. to 1:01 p.m. on February 24. Each contributor will be expected to e-mail one photo to foto@eestiminut.ee within two weeks. Alternatively, the photo can be uploaded at www.eestiminut.ee.


The mass photography event will be repeated in five years, when Estonia marks its centennial. A major exhibition and album of photographs will come out of this undertaking. Some of the pictures taken this year will also make it into that prestigious album.

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