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"Radisson SAS" to be renamed into "Radisson Blu"

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 10.02.2009.Print version
The International hotel chain "Radisson SAS" has changed its name to "Radisson Blu".

The name change marks the end of cooperation between the "Radisson" chain and the Scandinavian Airlines SAS Group, which started in 1994.


The names of all "Radisson SAS" hotels in Europe, Middle East and Africa will be changed to "Radisson Blu" by the beginning of the year 2010.


The "Radisson" chain operates also in the Baltic States, it has one hotel in Riga, two in Lithuania and one in Estonia.


The "Radisson" hotel in Riga is owned by Polar Bek Daugava, 55% of its shares belong to the U.S. company PBR Hotel Ltd. and 45% – to the Riga City Council.

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