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Tallinn's Patarei sea fortress now open to visitors

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The developer of the Patarei sea fortress, businessman Urmas Soorumaa, has opened the historical complex to visitors from Tuesday, July 28th, reports LETA/BNS.

Soorumaa said that the objective is to render the premises an attractive place for work and leisure by 2026. As the first step, the fortress' courtyard has been transformed into a leisure area where visitors can attend exhibitions, events, concerts and shows. News on the events and developments in the fortress are available in Estonian on the website .

Martin Kolga, development director at US Real Estate, said that the courtyard has been the heart of the Patarei fortress from the very beginning. 

"We're glad we can grant visitor access to it already several years before the completion of the complex. A glass roof will be added to the courtyard in the future, so that good food and a nice time can be enjoyed there regardless of the time of the year," he said.

The Patarei sea fortress, a part of European architectural heritage, is a Classical 19th century coastal defense structure, which was acquired by US Real Estate in February this year.

The complex will be transformed into a modern urban environment with apartments, stores, cafes and office spaces.

US Real Estate is a part of Soorumaa's U.S. Invest group, which during its years of operation has developed over 250,000 square meters of real estate and the portfolio of which includes over 100,000 square meters of commercial space. The group's employees number over 2,000.

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