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Estonia's Parnu to launch marketing campaign in Riga

BC, Tallinn, 25.09.2019.Print version
The Parnu city government, Enterprise Estonia and eight spas and hotels in Parnu are to launch a marketing campaign in Riga entitled "Parnu is Just Around the Corner", the aim of which is to promote the southwestern resort city among Latvians as an attractive nearby holiday destination offering a number of good quality leisure facilities, iniformed LETA/BNS.

The campaign running from October through November seeks to increase the number of Latvians visiting Parnu in fall and winter months and boost their overnights stays in the city by 20 percent on year during low season.

The campaign targets residents of Riga aged 25 to 55 who prefer to travel with their friends or family, book their own vacation, look for a high level of service and share their experiences on social media.

"Riga is a very attractive and large target market for Parnu. While in Tallinn, which is also a very important market to us, residents number 440,000, in Riga, however, there are 724,000 people living in the city. Thus the market in Riga is 60 percent bigger than in the Estonian capital city. The proximity of Riga to Parnu is important, too -- the drive from Tallinn ta Parnu takes two hours, while that from Riga takes 2.5 hours -- just 30 minutes longer," Orvika Reilend, chief specialist of tourism development at Parnu city government, said.

Parnu has been promoting itself in Latvia for several years. This year's campaign will focus on various marketing activities, videos and outdoor advertising as well as promotional materials on social media and in the press.

The marketing campaign, the total cost of which will be 45,000 euros, includes the city of Parnu, Enterprise Estonia, Viiking Spa Hotel, Estonia Resort Hotel & Spa, Estonia Medical Spa & Hotel, Health Center & Hotel Wasa, Wasa Resort, Villa Wesset, Parnu Rannahotell and the Strand Spa & Conference Hotel.

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